Brains-in-training need great nutrition – Information for Puppy School Trainers

We support anything that gives puppies the best start in life. It’s so important to set them up for a long, safe and healthy life.

Puppy School is one vital factor. So is nutrition.

At Number 1 (Australia) we are proud to support puppy schools with sample packs of healthy, nutritious food that can be used as a whole meal or as treats in the training process.

It’s a great way to introduce the puppy guardians to the importance of diet in their puppy’s development – while their developing brains are learning new commands and encountering new experiences every day, the right food can help set them up for success.

Call us on (02) 8011 0205 or email us to request a Puppy School pack.

To become a Stockist, click here – it’s a great way to see bigger packs of the sample products to your puppy guardians while they are in a buying mode!

Puppy School Support