Number 1 (Australia) is the leading full-service distributor of pet consumables including food, treats and hemp products, into pet retail channels.

We do all the hard work and the homework so your store can stock the very best.

At Number 1 (Australia), it’s about quality over quantity.

We’re not interested in supplying a zillion brands in every category. We are only interested in representing the most outstanding, the top notch, the crème de la crème of natural pet consumables. Then we commit to making them a huge success.

We do that with the best people in logistics, sales, marketing and training, dedicated customer service staff, and knowledgeable product demonstrators who can visit in-store to help train your staff and engage your customers.

Our brands are our partners in the truest sense – we are an extension of their business, and we are equally as passionate as they are about health and wellbeing for our pets and ourselves.

We also do it because we started out as an independent pet store. We listened to our customers’ stories about their pets’ health, special needs, diets, and behaviours. We cared so much we sourced the best products to scratch their itches. It’s deep in our DNA to understand the hot spots for pet people, and we love their pure joy and excitement when the products they try make a big impact in their pet’s life.

Our focus on curating a portfolio of superior products is never-ending. We are constantly scouring the market for leaders and innovators to join us.

If you’d like your products to be alongside the world’s best air-dried food for dogs and cats (Ziwi Peak), scientifically-formulated Australian-made pet food and treats (Vetalogica), and the most innovative hemp-based products for pets (HempPet), we are open to a conversation.