Number 1 (Australia) is the leading full-service national distributor of superior natural pet products.

At Number 1 (Australia), we are passionate about quality and provenance.

We only distribute the safest, best, healthy natural products for your pet, all sourced locally from Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud ambassadors of the carefully-selected brands we represent, which we have checked are 100% trustworthy.

Starting with ZIWI Peak, which we have grown from a little-known niche brand to being almost ubiquitous in pet channels in less than a decade, to newer brands including Healthy Everyday Pets, HempPet, Beasty, ONE, and Bell & Bone and longer-established brands such as WAG, we continue to grow, and continually improve and extend our offering to the pet market.

In addition to catering to the pet specialty retailer, and pet professionals such as puppy schools, groomers, and pet behaviourists, we are finding ourselves dealing increasingly with vets responding to their customers’ demands for more natural solutions, and to food retailers seeking to cater to pet owners who are increasingly seeking healthy high-end food and treats for their pets.

Having started as an independent local pet store, we learnt by listening to our customers’ feedback and stories about their pets’ health, special needs, diets, and behaviours. We cared so much we sourced the best products to scratch their itches. It’s deep in our DNA to understand the hot spots for pet people, and we love their pure joy and excitement when the products they try make a big impact in their pet’s life.

We aim to be an extension of our brands, by operating as trusted partners, and ensuring that the services we provide to the market are in line with expectations of a top-quality product. How? By employing a national team of the best people in logistics, sales, marketing, business development and training, dedicated customer service staff, and knowledgeable product advisors.

Our focus on curating a portfolio of superior products is never-ending, as is our commitment to growing and developing or diverse and caring team. If you are interested in talking to us about obtaining our products, distribution of you own brand, or joining or team, please contact us now.